Charlotte Taylor and Robert Edmondson talk about their 2014 Indie Grits Experimental Film, Relieving the American Dream.

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Enjoy this interview with one of our favorite 2014 interns, Maggie Calton!



How do I start this thing off?

Hello, Indie Grits fans. Nah, that’s too formal.


No, never that.

Hi! I’m Kelly Villwock and I’m excited to be an intern for this year’s Indie Grits Film Festival!

Yeah, that’ll work.

I first found out about Indie Grits about a week before the festival last year and emailed Seth at the very last minute to volunteer. I’m really glad I did. I had so much fun being around such creative people and seeing what a great and diverse film festival this is. Now, I get to be even more involved and I can’t wait.

So, now a little about me:

I’m a sophomore International Studies student at USC, but my passion for film, media, and really all things art may cause me to tack on another major or minor. Who knows? Other than interning at the Nick and, you know, learning, I am a staff member of The Daily Gamecock, a senator in Student Government, and a freelance graphic designer. Whenever I get out of any of those commitments or have any amount of free time, I’m laying absolutely motionless in my bed re-watching Lost, eating leftover hibachi with one hand and scrolling down Jaden Smith’s Twitter with the other (it’s so weird). Sometimes I fall asleep in public. Why am I telling you this?

I’m really into experiencing as many new things as possible. I really love film and books for that reason–they give you a way to discover so much that can be both fictional and real. I’m definitely in a non-fiction phase book-wise, and even though I can tell you my cooler-sounding favorite films (Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom ’til I die), if given the choice, I will always, always choose a rom-com to watch. I also love traveling, and, thanks to my parents, have spent much of my life living and traveling abroad. In fact, I just got back from a cross-country road trip! I should probably start editing the video from that…

I feel like I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop. Now you know ~~the real me~~