Waterlines Film by USC Student Sarah Hudson

Film student Sarah Hudson interviewed our festival director Seth Gadsden and made this short film. Check it out and see what Waterlines and our upcoming festival is all about. Thank you, Sarah!

Volunteer Lindsey Knowlton

We interviewed Lindsey Knowlton on her past volunteering experiences with Indie Grits and why you should consider volunteering this year! Interested? Head over to our volunteer page to learn more and sign up!

Interview with Gabrielle Duggan

Indie Grits resident artist Gabrielle Duggan discusses her installation at the 2015 festival.

Indie Grits Alumni, The Smyth Brothers, Launch UNEXPOSED Microcinema + Film Festival


We are pleased to announce that Indie Grits Alumni Brendan and Jeremy Smyth have created a microcinema called UNEXPOSED that is hosting a film festival smack dab in the middle of Durham, North Carolina. They’ve just opened the call for submission for their first annual UNEXPOSED Film Festival. The festival is tri-annual, UNX FEST 1.1 in May, 1.2 in September, and 1.3 in December of this year.

They’re doing all sort of cool stuff with other Indie Grits alum, like Anna Kipervaser and Jodie Mack, and all of the information can be found on their website. Congrats, bros! Check out our interview of them from a couple years ago below.