Myrtle Beach Image-making Workshop

by Amada Torruella, Visiones Co-Curator

In 2016, I identified a need for artistically challenging activities in Myrtle Beach. As in many southern cities, there is a burgeoning art scene fighting to break ground, and I believe that given the nutrients of opportunity and resources, art can thrive.

This past weekend, I went to Myrtle Beach along with our designer, Savannah Taylor to host an image-making workshop on Myrtle Beach’s Main Street. William H. Miller Studios generously donated their space for us to use, and over the course of the day, we facilitated an image making workshop where locals created and prepped illustrations for screen printing. Artists worked directly onto transparency sheets, and these transparencies will be transformed into one-of-a-kind, colorful screen prints for this year’s art program. From line drawings, to bold illustrations and typographic poetry, artists expressed their stories, opinions, and Visiones.

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IG 2016 Selection “Rotatio” Featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick!

Congrats to Ian McClerin, creator of Rotatio, an Indie Grits 2016 selection, on his Vimeo Staff Pick! Rotatio, a short documentary about a record of a young woman’s trauma, serves as the only visual document of this artist’s meditative, haunting practice. Also, feel free to check out the artist featured in this doc, Shannon May Mackenzie. As always, we are incredibly proud to see an IG alum’s work appreciated, or in this case, singled out by Vimeo as a video they “really, really love.” Great work!

Water Me Goes Global!

The Waterlines video game experience, Water Me has gone international! Created by Michelle Skipper, Cecil Decker, James Owens, Danny Oakes, and Chris Johnson for Indie Grits 2016 as part of the Waterlines project, this immersive video game experience about the struggles of keeping your beloved plant alive during a flood has been receiving lots of positive reviews amongst the gaming community around the world! Check out this amazing game walkthrough by video game vlogger and enthusiast, Smiling Boris, based out of Hong Kong.

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Meet Indie Grits Intern Ellen Jones!

Ellen is a wannabe literary polymath currently in her junior year at USC, and now the newest member of the Indie Grits Visiones team. She was born and raised in Columbia and her hobbies include reading, DJing for her university radio station, and making sure everyone knows how she thinks they should be living their lives. She has had the privilege of educating herself through travel, and what she can’t learn onsite she absorbs through books. She is always game for an argument and values the gift of sarcasm above all else in others. She hopes to eventually earn her PhD in Comparative Literature and one day be paid for her opinions, for they are far too valuable to be given away for free.

Her thoughts:

Growing up, I, like so many others, faced the familiar world of unsettled teenage girls desperate to leave home and see and be a part of something different. I never felt the full veracity of these cravings though, because I was fortunate enough to be raised in the Columbia arts community, the Nickelodeon providing particular parentage. I saw something different everyday. I spent most of my childhood seeing and hearing all about the Nick; however, I was never able to discern how exactly I fit into it. I went to films with my mother, all while rolling my eyes in a desperate attempt to not admit how cool she was. As I got older, and I realized that I was actually working to be just like her, it dawned on me that the Nick isn’t a community you have to fit into; its spirit is built off of individuality and freedom of expression, no matter the message.

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