Gaming Respawn Reviews “Water Me”!


“It’s a remarkably immersive, atmospheric, and contemplative experience that cleverly and purposefully creates a strong sense of helplessness and isolation. No matter what I did, Albert never made it. But maybe that’s the point.”

Check out Gaming Respawn‘s write-up on Water Me – an Indie Grits 2016 Waterlines video gaming project by Michelle Skipper, Cecil Belmont Decker,Chris Johnson, Danny Oakes, and James Owens.


Waterlines Website Launch


Last October’s flood was trying on so many levels: homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and we went days without water and power.

In the aftermath, the Nick staff felt restless. We’d made a point over the years of pushing artists and our creative community as great problem solvers and yet we struggled to understand how we, as a media arts organization, could play a meaningful role in the recovery effort. After several days, the idea hit us and Waterlines was born.

Under the leadership of the Nick’s Managing Director Seth Gadsden, a group of over a dozen artists started meeting monthly, hearing from journalists, activists and flood victims, to get a sense of what happened and where we needed to go. Thanks to support from the Central Carolina Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and others, we were then able to commission work from these artists that tells the stories of the flood in beautiful, haunting and moving ways.

The final step in the process is the website we’re launching today, where you can experience all of the work we premiered at last year’s Indie Grits. The Waterlines website is an important archive of voices, images, and sounds that insures our stories won’t be lost or forgotten.

– Andy Smith, Indie Grits Co-Director
Nickelodeon Executive Director

Experience Waterlines here

Christopher Holmes’ Feature Film, “Lost Colony”, Now Available On VOD/DVD and streaming!

Indie Grits alum, Christopher Holmes, had a selected feature in our 2015 festival– “Lost Colony”. Now you can watch it on a variety of platforms, thanks to the film getting support from Amazon Video and Amazon Prime.

Be sure to check it out here and support this wonderful indie filmmaker!

Filmmaker Magazine’s “Twenty Five New Faces of Independent Film”


Filmmaker Magazine’s “Twenty Five New Faces of Independent Film” highlighted the talents of some of our filmmakers from Indie Grits 2016.

Featured on the list are Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan, whose film, The Send-Off, is a “a svelte and gripping short documentary about Pahokee {Florida} prom night”.

Also on the list are Destini Riley and Nicholas Pilarski of the animated short, I, DestiniI, Destini won our Filmmaker Fellow Award, which is an award chosen by the selected filmmakers present at the festival.

To read Filmmaker Magazine’s article, click here.