Indie Grits 2016 Recap by Jordan Lawrence of the Free Times

Photo credit: Free Times

Photo credit: Free Times

The variety of expression at this year’s festival was vast and exciting, encouraging attendees to open themselves up to anything and everything. It’s this feeling, one that few festivals can conjure, that sets Indie Grits apart… Click here for full article

Kindie Grits 2016

Kindie Grits 2016 was a huge success!

This workshop, presented by the SC Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities, had kids of all ages collaborating with filmmakers to create short stop-motion animations. The workshop was led by Kat LeeHong, youth educator extraordinaire, and Indie Grits filmmakers who all delivered a magical and monstertastic experience.

Thanks also to the South Carolina State Museum for hosting our event!

Congratulations to our 2016 Award-Winning Films!

the color of fire

The People’s Grit:  The Color of Fire

Voted on by the public, via ballots handed out at the door of each screening.

I, Destini

2016 Filmmaker Fellow Award:  I, Destini

Voted on by the 2016 selected filmmakers who are present at the festival.

the boatman

Curators’ Grits:  The Boatman

Voted on by the curators and programmers and the staff of Indie Grits.

body contours

Helen Hill Memorial Award:  Body Contours

Awarded to the best work by a female filmmaker, in honor of Columbia native and celebrated animator, filmmaker and teacher Helen Hill (1970-2007). Voted on by the curators and programmers and the staff of Indie Grits.

Interview with Anna Kipervaser


We recently had the pleasure of talking with filmmaker Anna Kipervaser, whose film, A Meeting, In Light, is showing at this year’s Indie Grits Festival.

1. What is your connection to the South?

I have lived in many places in the world, and several places in the South, which I keep returning to. I am currently living and working in Durham, North Carolina and I love it here very much!

2. What was your muse for this film?

My muse for A MEETING, IN LIGHT was what it is for all of my films: light, dreaming, magic, synchronicity, love, and all the living beings in the universe – the sensitivity of being alive.

3. What was your first film?

I started CAIRO IN ONE BREATH – a feature doc – in 2009, though I completed it in 2015. The first film I completed is SYMPHONY, which stars a cockroach.

4. Did anything interesting or funny happen on set during the shooting?

This film was shot at multiple locations, and developed throughout the shoots.