Ulises Vaquerano

Ulises Vaquerano has completed a series of illustrations, aptly titled Madrigueras, for Indie Grits 2017, based off of the theme Visiones. His work will be featured in our upcoming festival guide and will be the official artwork for our 2017 festival posters. Using ink as his medium, Vaquerano’s style graphic and detailed– filled will surreal imagery and symbolism.

Ulises Vaquerano is a Salvadoran visual artist, based in Mexico City. He grew up, sheltered from one of the most violent societies in the world, raised by a generation trying to rebuild their lives after a historic civil war. His work is a visual journey of how the juxtaposition of these two Salvadoran realities and experiences have shaped him.

Vaquerano touches upon themes like memory, gender, queer art and migration; having been able to experience the latter since residing in Mexico.

Vaquerano graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Jose Matias Delgado University in El Salvador. He also has a degree in Live Cinema and Sound design from the School of Art and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Madrigueras is an abstract series that digs through the inner workings of the human mind. Each piece is a sensory portrait of a person, based on the artist’s perception of various stimuli. These drawings allude to shared experiences, narratives, and ideals shared with the subject.

Ulises Vaquerano