Indie Grits knows that music is the soundtrack of life, and have made great efforts to make sure our festival holds a surplus of melody and beat – decibelistic splendor all home-grown in the South-East. We have several musical events planned, such as:

✪ Wednesday Night ✪

The first night of Indie Grits will consist of an Opening Night Party at the Columbia Museum of Art. The party will feature not only a blow-out kick-off concert, but will also have live buskers in attendance, filling the air with their mellifluous expressions to jettison the festival on the correct trajectory. Check out last year’s opening party here.

✪ Thursday Night ✪

Indie Grits is going to be working with the new and sparkling Music Farm in Columbia to put on a killer show for all Indie Grits attendees.

✪ Saturday Night ✪

Saturday is going to be an enormously sonic day, as we’ll be hosting the third annual Hip Hop Family Day on Main St.

That night, Jason Isbell will be performing at the Music Farm – an event that will be free admission for those with an Indie Grits pass!