✪ Michael Parallax ✪

Michael Parallax is a spirit of many crafts. Musician, lyricist, print-maker, collage artist, installation designer for his stage sets, and one heck of a performer. All of these talents come together in a ridiculously magnificent way that if we were an evil dark lord, we’d surely keep him locked inside our Nickelodeon office and have him perform 24/7. Described as Pop Spiritual Revival Tent Music, his last show in New York saw him lead an army of audience members out into the streets. Take a look at his bandcamp where you can find more than enough songs to jam to on your way here! Because we already told Michael you’re coming.

✪ Helado Negro ✪

The king of chill sound. A bonafide music maker who’ll reach into your very soul and squeeze it in his fist ever so gingerly. He doesn’t play around and that’s okay with us. Do be prepared to have your emotions played with by Roberto Carlos Lange, the beast within the beast that is Helado Negro. A true amalgam, his Latin American origins mingle with his Florida-raised background – something that can be heard throughout all of his creations. This is the beauty of his lyrics. Music is a language that not everyone can speak, but certainly everyone can understand and Helado Negro is undoubtedly fluent.

✪ Hectorina ✪

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 5.07.43 PMHectorina is the kind of band where you’ll end up sporting a neck brace the following day from thrashing your head too hard. No reported cases…so far. A concoction of punk, rock, and soul, brought to you by three of Charlotte, North Carolina’s finest bandmates, these guys know how to deliver, not only audibly, but visually. You’re sure to get an ear and eye full as they bring down their epic rock opera, “Collywobble” to our festival this year, complete with mermaids, cosmic owls, drunken astronauts, and surly moon women. So get off your sittin’ muscle and park it over here with us where you’re guaranteed to experience something so great, you’re future grandkids will feel it.

✪ Mechanical River ✪


Mechanical River is exactly that, a mechanism in which sounds flow out into the basin of young ears, calculated by the musical machine that is Joel T. Hamilton. We are still not quite sure if he is man, machine, or both, but in speculating his aphrodisiac-like tunes, the only hoot we care to give is that we’re not letting him slip from our death grip anytime soon or later down the river. This young Frankenstein produces a sound from the cornucopia of musical nic-nacks that he’s acquired over the years. The end result is a pulsating and rich wall of sound aiming to guide your hips to gyrational glee. If you haven’t had a chance to see the man himself, live, possibly consider looking into some real estate near Hamilton’s home base in Charleston S.C.

✪ Infinitikiss ✪

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 5.34.04 PM

Infinitikiss, aka Nicholas M. Jenkins  - Columbia, South Carolina – is a multi-talented maestro. A dapper Don with a sound that goes down smooth like a hard whiskey, his music is “for headphones, silent discos, short films [*cough cough* Indie Grits Film Festival], introverts, Virgos, video games, etc.” If that’s something you can vibe with, be there (or be infinitislapped).